Looking west toward
Talmadge Bridge & Ocean Terminal
from River Street

River Street

Sitting on a bench
Watching the river ,
Remembering the times
And days gone by…

The bluff here was grassy,
Warehouses abandoned,
And I in my innocence
Cried for a friend.

The transformation
Which has befallen us
Is nothing short of miraculous.

The plaza, shops, museums, restaurants and pubs,
Flow with activities and spirits of all sorts.

Music streams from a tavern
And bathes me with each note-
And the river, like the moment,
Comes and goes….

Oh Life, I’ve found my Friend!

River Steet

River Street-Facing East
from Bull Street Ramp (plaza side)

Forsyth Park azaleas

Forsyth Park

Sitting here on this bench…
Feeding pigeons and squirrels…
I wonder…about others

Who have sat here in the park,
Admiring the fountain and the trees,
While giving sustenance to such as these,

Then think of the lovers
Who have strode these walks
Admiring each other in the rain–

And what of that lolling loner,
Cheek pressed firm against the boards
Admiring the hard wood grain,

Whose last wine-colored breath
Gratefully drifts into the arms
Of an attending oak?

Returning to the vision of those lovers,
I find their laughter comforting
As a squirrel jumps over an empty pint
And chatters that the secret
Is safe with him….

Forsyth Park Fountain
with bench & oak canopy

Forsyth Park — fountain

Forsyth Park — fountain

Tybee Lighthouse


Cute little footprints
Dot the shore,
Remnants of sandcastles—
Home now to fiddler crabs
Scurrying sideways into tiny burrows.
Sandy buckets, shovels, towels,
Home now, waiting to be cleaned,
Made ready for another day
Of sun and castles
And little princesses dancing
Round the lazy days.

Too soon gone
Making dinners, rushing schedules,
Creating lives
Out of imaginations
Which brought mud pies
To Mommy and Daddy,
Their little princes
Home now, tucked away
In their own
Sweet dreams.

Old “Savannah Beach” postcard

Old “Savannah Beach” postcard


One Response to “Book Excerpts”

  1. All Poetry & Photographs
    from The Little Poetry Book of Savannah
    Copyright © 2012
    Donald Newman
    Elizabeth Newman
    Savannah, GA
    All Rights Reserved

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