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December 20, 2012

New contact page is up. Peace, Don

November 28, 2012

Just posted current info on the Happenings page. Peace, Don

November 26, 2012

OK. So this is it, my new website and blog. Hope you all like it ! Peace, Don

You have entered the web home of Little Books of Savannah!

Our first project is the full color Special First Edition
of The Little Poetry Book of Savannah, Don Newman’s
first volume of Savannah centric poetry.

The poetry and photos in this distinctive work focus on the world renowned National Landmark Historic District of Savannah, GA, though a couple of pieces do wander a bit over to the beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery near Thunderbolt and on to the lighthouse and beaches of Tybee Island.

The Little Poetry Book of Savannah reflects the close
personal relationship between poet and subject often found in work dedicated to a particular place. While such intimate subjectivity may seem lofty at times, as a Savannah native Newman has a way of bringing grandiose notions of his hometown down to earth. The author’s regional sensibilities—together with his stretch toward the universal—offer the reader a unique perspective and a tour of Savannah unattainable during a typical day of sightseeing.

While by no means a comprehensive poetic look at the city, Newman’s The Little Poetry Book of Savannah will surely augment the traveler’s backpack, give visitors a distinctive literary keepsake, and make the perfect gift for those who would like an authentic little piece of Savannah.

For the slightly smaller, less expensive
Special Black & White Edition click here:

The Little Poetry Book of Savannah
Special Black & White Edition

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