My posts used to begin with the phrase, Another Wonderful Day in Paradise. Living in the Savannah Area truly is like living in Paradise. Some would say Paradise–with extreme heat & humidity AND gnats. And mosquitos. And/or any number of pests which swarm the region. But that’s life…you know. A little rain must pour. We get lemons. Stuff happens. And y’all, has it been happening, let me tell you.

Our little Paradise, this little corner of the World, came to a screeching halt when COVID hit earlier this year*. We became just another devastated place on Earth, just like everywhere and everyone else. The shutdowns/lockdowns and subsequent quarantines changed everything. As the economy choked, we ALL did the Best we could do under the circumstances. Those who could, worked from home, tried keeping their kids on track with online/virtual school/classrooms. Zoom meetings/calls/gatherings became a thing, and, well, you all know the story. We waited. And waited, And waited. And waited.


*My writing came to a screeching halt way before the Arrival, but that’s another story. Whatever was going on with me, it started a couple of years earlier, in February 2018 when my wife and I separated. Two years went by before COVID came. And once it did, I fell into an even deeper hole in front of the block which had sprung up before me. It just seemed like there wasn’t a whole lot to say about our Wonderful place on Earth anymore. Hopefully, some of that has begun to change/will begin to change soon. And hopefully some my inner obstacles have begun to crumble as well. We will see.

PS: This posting was started in October 2020. It has been updated and is being posted March 23, 2021.

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