Mid-January 2018

January 25, 2018

The New Year came blowing in this year with a Winter Storm bringing us a great coating of snow for the first time in many years here in Savannah. CBS News aired a short feel-good piece about the snowstorm that covered the Southeastern Seaboard from near the Florida line to north of Myrtle Beach (on it’s way to Blizzarding the Mid-Atlantic Coast and Northeastern US) in which they interviewed folks playing in the snow in Forsyth Park. It was a sight to behold here in Downtown Savannah. Our beautiful National Landmark Historic District gleamed with ice and snow for days. But the beauty and wonder that came with the storm was not all we received from it’s generous pouring across our Coastal World.

The Winter Storm of January 2018 pretty much shut us down for more than several days due to the low temperatures which followed. The snowy-icy mix could not melt after a day or two like it usually does down here, so we were presented with challenges to our on the road mobility in auto vehicles. Many of us had no school, no work, no anything but our yards and neighborhoods for quite a few days. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the community of stranded souls which began to form around us. Whether in the restaurants, stores, and bars near enough to walk to, or across fences with our neighbors, the joy of knowing that this was the first time many had ever even seen snow was contagious.

Watching the children play in delight brought out the inner children of many world weary adults. Nearly all of my family and friends took their turn at making a snowperson or two. Collectively, us Savannah Folk, together with the rest of the Coastal Empire of Georgia and Low Country of South Carolina, had an unforgettable introduction to 2018. Hopefully, despite the obstacles presented and the negative fallout of being woefully unprepared to deal with this kind of weather event–no salt, snowplows, etc.–we will take the thrill of it all with us throughout the year. May we all try to see through the eyes of a child, remembering just how short our lives truly are, always¬†making the most of every day and enjoying the good in ourselves and each other.

Peace Always, And Happy New You,

Don Newman


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