Spring to Summer

May 13, 2017

Writing this long-time-coming update, with the drizzling grey clouds keeping the day nicely temperate–in the 80’s–it really is Another Wonderful Day in Paradise here in Savannah, GA. Because much of Paradise lies in one’s perception, and I can see much of Paradise here in Savannah, I have no qualms about calling it Paradise on a regular basis–even on these overcast/rainy days. Those who spend time with me with any frequency know I’ll sometimes add that it is Paradise with gnats and extreme heat & humidity. But in the end, no matter the weather, Paradise it is, for me

Folks who not only frequently spend time with me but who also know me well, know I consider the entire Earth a Paradise beyond measure, to be nurtured and cared for not only for ourselves but for those who will inhabit the planet in the generations to come. Therefore, let’s take the chance here to give kudos to ALL who participated in this year’s Earth Day festivities in Savannah: from the “Science is Real” march/walk down Bull Street, to the educational and hands-on exhibits in Forsyth Park, to the planned and unplanned celebrations of our Home Planet throughout the historic district and elsewhere in the community at large. Obviously, I was quite inspired by you all.

But that was last month. May Day, has come and gone and we are now in the middle of May. We know the heat of Summer 2017 will come. We have already had a taste of it with the past week’s 90 something temperatures. So I’ll go ahead and admit I’ve been thinking of the beach at Tybee with the exuberant anticipation of a tourist visiting the area from the US midlands for the first time, who has never known the joy of being awash in ocean waves under a bright and beaming sun.

These excited visitors, finally finding themselves crossing the Lazaretto Creek bridge on one of our hot July days, can smell the salt in the air and see the sun in the sky. Within the hour they know, just as we will on our first trip out to the beach this season, they will be standing on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and all will be well in the world. And so It Is.

Finally, since it is not consistently in the 90’s  yet, let’s try to enjoy the last few days/weeks of spring, as we head full steam into our golden days of summer. See you at the beach!


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