Beautiful Spring 2016

April 11, 2016

Another Wonderful Day here in Paradise…Here in Savannah, if you were to follow me around sometime, you’d hear me extol this little praise frequently as we made our way around town visiting folks, running errands, and taking care of business throughout the day. It’s my little way of reminding myself (and others if they care to see) that life here in Savannah really is extraordinary. But besides recognizing the physical beauty all around us here in our little corner of the world, it also has a deeper, more metaphysical meaning.

While I have been blessed with a life beyond anything which I could have possibly dreamed, it has certainly come with its share of challenges. It doesn’t matter so much what my personal struggles have been, because we all have our share. But here’s the thing. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to grow through these difficulties, and I have come to understand that they are simply part of the deal. We have joys, we have sorrows, and such is life. Since this world has so many negative things going on at any given time, it falls on me to focus on those thing in the world which are positive.

It has been my experience that my perception of the world affects my attitude.The key for me has been being grateful for the life I have been given, doing the best I can to make it count, and hopefully make the world a better place in the process. Ultimately, if I’m seeing the planet I live on as a beautiful place, it IS a beautiful place. Sure, disaster strikes, people speak and act badly. But that does not diminish the beauty of the flowers, the sunset, or the stars at night.

Those things are beautiful and wonderful regardless of situations and current circumstances. And though we here in Savannah may have gnats, pollen in the spring, and extreme heat and humidity in the summer, we also have butterflies, flowers, and foliage galore, along with Tybee and other beaches, rivers and streams. What more could we ask for?

Well, let’s ask for a safe and pleasant summertime, with family, friends, and visitors each enjoying the Paradise we have here in Savannah. May all the rest of the world see the Heaven on Earth around them as well.  And So It Is….


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