Fall/Winter/Holiday Season

December 16, 2015

Another Wonderful Day in Paradise…here in good old Savannah. Our weather has been extraordinary this year. Our Fall blew in with some nice cool breezes and we even had a few nights which were quite chilly. But overall it’s been unseasonably warmer than usual.

Right now it’s mid-December and we’re still seeing temperatures in the middle to upper 70s. It’s even been at, near, or just above 80 degrees several times in the past few weeks.

While I’m sitting here today enjoying a nice day in the mid-70s, we know we’ll see some colder days and nights as we officially move into the Winter months. In fact, the coming weekend is supposed to dip into the 30s at night again. So as much as we love our nice temperate climate, we do get to experience the wiles of Jack Frost upon occasion. And believe it or not it does actually snow here every now and then.

So who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky, or blessed (?), and have a White Christmas…if not we’ll surely have a Merry Little Christmas Time here in the beautiful city of Savannah. With the squares all adorned in festive greenery and red ribbons & bows, who wouldn’t enjoy a stroll around downtown checking in on the little shops and businesses along the way? One might even find some unique items perfect for giving to loved ones during a visit with one of the many merchants in the area.

Whatever you and your family and friends do this Holiday Season, stay safe, and warm, and have a very, very Happy New Year!!

Peace Always, Don

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