May 2015

May 7, 2015

“It’s been Another Wonderful Day in Paradise. . . .”

Amen to that. Finally started getting the editing of the Little Poetry Book of Savannah finished. Spending an entire day in the Gallery Espresso refreshed my inspiration for some of the poetry in the book, so I found myself working diligently to complete some tasks which had been put off for far too long. To this day I’ve never quite been able to find a better place for a stimulating mental workout coupled with a relaxing respite away from the rest of the world than the coffee shops here in Savannah. Whether I go to Gallery Espresso on Wright Square or The Sentient Bean at Forsyth Park or some other of the great little places in the downtown area, I am always amazed at what gets accomplished within the walls and gardens of these establishments.

Gallery Espresso actually operates as a working gallery where one can find some of the most interesting showings of art offered here in our glorious little historic city. The art enhances the experience of enjoying oneself partaking of whatever delightful drink and/or nosh that has been chosen from the baristas’ offerings, and so helps in one’s venture into a heightened consciousness. If you’ve never been, you’ve got to check it out next time you visit the downtown area; whether as a tourist or a resident, you will surely be glad you did.

You can get a similar vibe down at the Sentient Bean. It often seems a little edgier and busier at The Bean because the block bustles with much activity. The best little alternative market in the world is right next door at Brighter Day where you’ll find a nice little “health food” deli. So let me get going for the time being. I’ve got lots to do. And I never tire of taking care of business while enjoying the blessings of living in Historic Savannah. Peace Always Y’all….

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