Spring 2015

March 26, 2015

“It’s been Another Wonderful Day in Paradise. . . .”

That’s what I say to most of the folks I talk to throughout my days (and nights) here in Savannah (and all around the Coastal Empire of Georgia) when asked “how’s it going?” in that inimitable way we have of speaking to one another down here in our beautiful little corner of the world.

Most conversations these past couple of weeks have focused on the beautiful weather we’re either having or not having on that particular day. Of course it’s always best when we’re having one of those gorgeous sunny spring days we are so famous for this time of year. Naturally, the season does bring it’s share of cloudy, rainy, even cooler periods. But even on those days, I still like to remind myself and the people I come into contact with that it has been another wonderful day in paradise–because it has.

You live in paradise long enough you come to realize that even heaven on earth has its ups and downs. What it comes down to is attitude. Attitude and perception together create one’s state of being. And there you have it–light, beautiful, wonderful, colorful, fragrant, warm, mild, hot, humid, cool, cloudy, rainy, chilly, occasionally cold, freezing, and yes, even dark Savannah, indeed is paradise. And Paradise is a state of mind.


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