Summer 2014

June 5, 2014

The beautiful Savannah azalea blooms have pretty much come and gone, and it won’t be long before the gorgeous magnolias have blossomed and dropped the last of their sweet fragrant petals to the ground. Thus begins another Savannah Summer. Graduation is over, many students have gone home for the season, and Downtown’s Historic District takes a deep breath, relaxing and making ready for the influx of visitors soon to come. Businesses and residents alike have geared up for the crowds, anticipating great fun and good times ahead for hosts, visitors, and all who wish to enjoy Savannah’s charm and beauty. Thus River Street, City Market, Bay Street, Broughton Street, MLK, Jr. Blvd., the Bull Street corridor, Design District, Starland, and all the other unique and special areas and attractions of the Forest City await you. Plus, the water down at Tybee Island is heating up, preparing for the throngs which will soon arrive to dip, splash, and spend time on her sunny Atlantic shores. So y’all come on. It’s going to be a nice, hot summer, just the way we like it. Here we go…Wheeee….!

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