March 2014

March 25, 2014

March came and went so fast this year it seems unreal. It wrapped up what has been the coldest winter here in Savannah for many years. Of course we had it nowhere near as bad as much of the rest of the country. Though it has been colder than usual so far this year, spring is trying to come into its own here lately. As it is going to be in the low 30s again tonight, it seems we’ll never get our beautiful spring weather. But the past few days have been decent and judging from the pollen storm we’ve had, this should be our last cold spell. So if you are planning on coming to Savannah, or just thinking about it, now is the time. April is just a few days away and you’ll still be able to beat the throngs of tourist which will descend on the city very soon. Now that St. Patrick’s Day is over and spring is coming in, everyone is gearing up for all of our lovely visitors which will probably number about 2 million again this year. So y’all come on. We’ll be here to serve you plenty of Southern Hospitality along with your grits.

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